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Welcome to the world of Intarsia


I have been practicing the art of Intarsia since 2000.  Each Intarsia artwork is unique, truly “one of a kind”.  Even if several pieces can be made from the same pattern, the use of different wood species and color creates a new unique piece each time. What is truly distinctive is that stain is never used in Intarsia.  The various shades and tones are obtained through the unique pigments found in several species of woods both from local and international suppliers.





The artwork at left is based on a pattern by Judy Gayle Roberts like many of my pieces in my gallery.  The green leaf on the apple comes from a log that was found on the ground in the forest.  Over time, it had absorbed the copper in the ground which produced this unique shade of green. Another insane example of how nature produces an almost infinite color palette out of a natural resource.

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