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Meet the artist

"Long live wood..."

Hello my name is Alain Dugas and here I am in my workshop situated in the garage of my house on the island of Montreal. I spend a fair bit of time in here so I like to make it as comfortable as possible and this is not always easy given the type of winters that we have in Quebec.

I love working with wood, I always did but only began using wood as an artistic medium around the year 2000.  Wood is my palette when it comes to painting. It is always amazing to me what can be created using a piece of discarded lumber after it passes through the hands of an artisan.  Colors pop out, grains comes alive, and before you know it, simple pieces of wood become unique artworks. 


As you can tell, I am quite passionate about what I do.  Considering that Intarsia is relatively unknown in this part of the country, I intend to take advantage of my recent retirement to promote this type of art and offer my services to clients who would like to acquire one of these pieces.

If this would be of interest to you, do not hesitate to visit my Commission page to see some examples and contact me to discuss your needs.

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