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Commission and Custom Pieces

Taking someone's vision and producing artwork that renders that vision seems to be a common occurrence when creating custom pieces.  The work is sometimes facilitated by using readily available designs but more often than not, you have to be creative. 


It would be my pleasure to assess your needs and provide you with a preliminary design and estimate based on your vision. Simply send me a note through the Contact Me page and I will reply promptly. 

Here are some examples of artworks that were done on commission with satisfied customers.



A custom design based on several pictures from the web


Carousel Horse

This commission piece was based on a Judy Gayle Roberts pattern.


US Marine Plaque

A custom design based on pictures on the Web.


Cribbage Board

Was for a gift but he decided to keep it for himself


Captain Rex

A custom piece using another artists pattern (with permission)

007 (4)_edited.jpg

Mare and Foal

This special request was based on a Judy Gayle Roberts pattern.


Forest Scene

Made several iterations of this pattern from Judy Gayle Roberts


Hussard Crest

A special military crest embedded in a traditional mess table


Firefighter Plaque

Made 3 of these custom pieces for firefighter based on a 3d model


Noah's Ark

A gift for a mother to-be based on a Judy Gayle Roberts pattern.


Train Scene

A very appreciated gift for retiring railroaders.


Commemorative Bench

A bench to celebrate the memory of a departed comrade

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